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Sister Act postponed

Sister Act logo

Due to uncertain times, Westmont Performing Arts has decided to postpone the production of Sister Act until the Summer of 2021.

Note from the director:

Before I say anything more, I would like to personally thank you for showing an interest in Sister Act by signing up. I have been checking Sign Up Genius every day since it opened up and I have been seeing more and more names (many people of which I have worked with before and so many new names/new talent) and my excitement has grown exponentially.

I have been preparing for these auditions for months, so it is with a saddened heart, but understandable realization, that Sister Act will not be happening “this” year.

Because all our lives have been turned upside down, (the fact that social distancing doesn’t really work in Sister Act), as well as the uncertainty of COVID-19, to have you audition and practice at home for at least April, knowing that the show might have to be cancelled down the road, was unfair to ask of you.

When it was decided that we should cancel for this year, I was asked if I wanted to direct the show next year, during the same timeframe 2021, not only did I accept, but so did my music director and choreographers.

Knowing I can only hope that you will still have an interest in auditioning a year from now, I realize that as much as we believe we are in control of our lives as individuals, we are not in control of life as a whole.

So, if you like, I’ll send you a note sometime in November, reminding you that auditions for Sister Act will be in April 2021, so you can plan the show(s) you will spend your spring and early summer working on.

I truly, with all my heart, hope that Sister Act will be your choice, but whether it is or isn’t I wish you all a safe and healthy year.

I guarantee that if a year from now we are all sitting together at the first rehearsal/read thru, we will find something in common to talk and hopefully laugh about.

Until I either work with you again or for the first time, through this time of stress and throughout the year, may you remember that “Some days you just have to create your own sunshine”. May you find it an easy thing to do!

Best Wishes,
AnnaMarie Ahonen


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