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“November 22” Auditions 8/10

“November 22nd” is a new musical written by award winning songwriter John Benischek and  is being produced by The  Westmont Performing Arts Theatre with World Premiere Performance dates set for November 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20 at Westview Hills Middle School, 630 W 65th St, Willowbrook, IL.


“November 22nd” is the powerful story of a boy who dreams of becoming an admired hero, but when another man is killed for trying to make this a better world, he becomes known throughout history as a despised villain. The purpose of this musical is to make the audience laugh, cry, think, question what they have been told, become  angry, and finally walk out of the theater motivated to make this a better world. The goal is to make this show a masterpiece.

Auditions will be conducted at the Westmont Park District, 75 E Richmond St, Westmont, IL.Non-Equity Audition

Wednesday August 10 6:30pm-9:00pm

Saturday August 13 9:00am-5:00pm

Please sign up for a time slot here:

Call Backs by invitation

Wednesday August 17 6:30pm-9:00pm

Saturday August 20 9:00am-5:00pm

If interested please bring your headshot, resume, a list of conflict dates, and either two 60 second contrasting monologues or one 90 second monologue that shows a range of emotions.

Also, be prepared to sing either a verse or chorus of a song you know, and sing one of the songs from this show (the lyrics & recordings of all the songs from this show will be in the link below.)  If you are not a singer, don’t worry, there are also non-singing roles and dancer roles. We will also try to teach everyone some dance steps.


Link to the Female song to learn (“How Dare You”) demo recording & lyrics for your Audition:

Female Song

Link to the Male song (“Things Are Going to Change”) demo recording & lyrics to learn for Audition:

Male Song

Link to the script of “November 22nd” and demo recordings of all the songs in the Musical:


Time Commitment:

We’d like to start rehearsals on August 27 and then try to do 2 or 3 per week (only selected people Monday-Thursday and then hopefully everyone on Saturdays.

Tech Week begins on Nov. 5.


Characters- Male:

LEE: age-17-25, baritone or tenor, short, confident, naive, intelligent, earnest, last scene cries, (Michael J Fox)

JFK: age-25-45, baritone or tenor, Must be a great singer. Charismatic, Handsome, Boston accent nice to have.

COLONEL: age-40-65, baritone, Charismatic, Macho alpha male, walks with a limp. (Charlton Heston)

MR BIG: age-40-65, baritone or tenor, Evil charismatic villain

JACK_RUBY: age-30-50, baritone or tenor, Chicago mob accent (Danny DeVito, Joe Pesci)

SERGEANT:  age-30-50, baritone, macho alpha male.

4STAR_GENERAL: age-30-65, baritone or tenor, macho (George C Scott)

3STAR_GENERAL: age-30-65, baritone or tenor, macho (George C Scott)

MAFIAGUY: age-30-65, baritone, mob accent (Sheldon Leonard)

MARINE1, MARINE2: age-20-40, baritone or tenor, macho

CIA_GUY: age-30-65, baritone or tenor, sneaky

KRUSHCHEVBORIS, GOLDTHUMB: age-40-60, baritone or tenor, strong Russian accent.

NEWS_ANCHORFULL_DRESS_MARINE, PRIEST: age-30-65, baritone, Must have great speaking voice (James Earl Jones, Orson Wells, Walter Cronkite, Morgan Freeman)

PRISONER: age-20-65, baritone or tenor, seeking redemption, emotional, misses wife & kids.

GHOST_DAD:  age-40-65, baritone, the ghost of Lee’s dead father. Very emotional scene.

LBJ: age-30-65, baritone or tenor, Texas accent, seething with jealousy over JFK.

BANKER: age-30-65, baritone or tenor, Loves money.

DETECTIVE1, DETECTIVE2: age-30-50, baritone, Texas accents

DAVID: age-30-50, baritone, thinks he is a comedian.

DR_O: age-30-65, baritone or tenor, calm at first but very scary when angry.

VLAD, DIPLOMAT: age-25-50, Russian accent.

DR_CRENSHAW, DR_ROSE, DR_PERRY: age-20-40, baritone or tenor, doctors at Parkland hospital.

PAULGROODY: age-20-40, baritone or tenor, The undertaker.

LOUIS: age-20-40, baritone or tenor, The minister who has to be talked into giving the eulogy for Lee.

MAN1, MAN2, PEASANT, MANAGER,  PILOT, COP1, COP2, YOUNGMANBOBBYAID, REPORTER1, NURSE1, NURSE2:  age-20-40, baritone or tenor, cops with Texas accents, Bobby with Boston accent. Male Nurses are physically large.

Characters- Female:

JACKIE: age-20-30 alto, – Intelligent, passionate, must be able to cry

MARINA:  age-18-25 alto or soprano. Russian accent, confident, passionate, a fighter, does cry

JUDYTH:  age-18-25 alto, genius scientist, naive but learns quickly, always moral

LITTLE_BO_PEEP: age-20-50 alto, A stripper, starts sweet/innocent then dominatrix,

MARGARITE: age-30-50 alto, Oswald’s mother.

DOROTHY:  age-20-50 alto or soprano, Newspaper reporter, feisty

MARY: age-30-50 alto or soprano, scientist, good sense of humor.

JUDGE:  age-30-50 alto or soprano, Intelligent, serious

SECRETARY:  age-20-50 alto or soprano,  Not very bright, chews gum

WOMAN2: age-30-50 alto or soprano,  Must be able to weep.

WAITRESS:  age-20-50 alto or soprano, seductive



Director, John Benischek

For any questions, please contact Bobby Yonkee


  • Date: Wednesday, August 10 6:30pm – 9pm



  • Address: Westmont Community Center 75 E. Richmond Westmont, IL 60559 United States